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Welcome to Premium Protein Powder NZ!

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This site has been created to help Kiwi fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes make the right decisions when it comes to choosing protein powder.

If you don't know your concentrates from your isolates, never fear - this site will guide you to a clearer understanding of exactly what each different type of protein you need, what works and what is simply marketing hype.

Protein is the key building block of muscle and without it, it's very difficult to make a workout program successful.

Even if your goal is not to "get huge" and be more muscular looking, you need to build or at least maintain muscle mass in order to keep your metabolism cranking to burn body fat.

You can't simply starve yourself to an amazing body - you need to build the muscle that helps turn up the volume on your metabolism. Without enough protein, you'll end up losing the wrong kind of weight in the form of muscle, which slows your metabolism and actually makes it easier to get fat over the long run.

Protein powders are an effective way to do this if you're anything like me and you struggle to eat the quantities required to a